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Outside Sales Account Executive

McLean, VA

Our company, like many technology companies, was driven by a brainstorm: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology could be used to give small and medium sized companies the same voice and data communications capabilities enjoyed by large organizations at a fraction of the cost. The second part of the brainstorm: developing a business-class, secure, hosted network that could free businesses from making large capital expenditures. As veterans of Cable and Wireless, our upper management faced only one obstacle: although VoIP technology was proven, no one had ever used it in a secure, redundant, business-class setting. So our company spent three years developing and perfecting the technology, transforming VoIP into VoPI (Voice over Private Internet). Since signing up our first customer, we now services 65,000 business customers, with double- or triple-digit growth every year. We review all client feedback and use this information to improve our product/feature set. That is what sets...

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