ProHire Our Process

Our Process

We tailor each search to the individual needs of our client. We first seek to understand the company. Only then can we develop and execute a successful recruiting plan. Below is an outline of our search methodology and the steps in our recruiting process.

Stage One: Search Preperation

Needs Analysis - We speak with key executives, hiring managers, and human resource professionals to ensure a thorough assessment of the company and their hiring needs. This includes getting a feel for the corporate culture as well as the basic job duties.

Client Requirements - Work with the hiring manager to define the specific background and requirements for the position. We will also make recommendations regarding the position description based on our market analysis and industry knowledge. This step involves collaboration between the ProHire Recruiter and hiring manger to refine the search parameters and set limits on what is considered a qualified candidate for this position.

Job Description -Developing a through written job description is vital to a successful search. We assist our clients in writing a formal job description. We can also review an existing job description to be used for the search. Defining the "selling points" of the position is a critical part of this step and makes it possible to attract qualified candidates later in the recruiting process.

Compile Target/Source List - We discuss with our clients any specific industries, companies, divisions, and geographic areas to be target during the search process. This includes determining what companies should not be included and ranking these companies by priority. We then compile the target/source list and submit it to our client for approval. This list is critical as it is the basis of our recruiting plan and will determine who gets recruited.

Hiring Process - Discuss the exact steps in the interviewing and hiring process for the position. This includes determining all interviewers and how and where they will conduct interviews. It is important to know ifthere are any tests, assessments, personality profiles, field rides, or other steps involved in the hiring process. Based on our experience, we can make recommendations on "best practices" and assist our clients in refining this process where applicable. A general timeline and target deadline for search completion should also be determined. This will help everyone to be more productive and manage their time better. Target completion dates can always be changed if needed.

Stage Two: The Search

Identification - We begin every search by checking our internal database of candidates to identify potential candidates to recruit. We then use our extensive network of industry contacts to source additional names. Many of these are referrals from previous clients and candidates we have placed in the past. We also have partnerships with executive recruiters that may have qualified candidates. These partnerships allow us to cast a broader net in search of the best talent for the position. We then perform direct sourcing to gain the additional names needed from the target/source list.

Recruiting - The next step involved calling all targeted candidates and presenting the opportunity to them. This step is to determine if the candidate has an interest in interviewing for this kind of opportunity.

Evaluation - We then screen the candidate against the job description and candidate profile written in stage one. The top candidates will then be selected for presentation.

Stage Three: Interview Process

Candidate Presentation - Candidates will be presented and their backgrounds discussed with the hiring authority. Their resumes and a written profile can also be furnished as needed.

Arrange & Manage Interviews - This includes arranging and confirming all interviews, debriefing clients after each meeting, and counseling the candidate throughout the process. This step ends with a final candidate selection.

Stage Four: Offer Stage

Final Selection - We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates interviewed and make a recommendation on which candidate is the best fit. Ultimately, it is the client who must decide who to hire, but as consultants we do offer our insights and opinions.

Offer Negotiation - Handle the offer negotiation to ensure that a reasonable offer is accepted by our candidates.

Candidate Counseling - Many obstacles can arise at the ninth hour and prevent a successful hire. Luckily, many of these obstacles can be prevented with proper planning and advise. We counsel the candidate on how to give resignation to his/her current employer and how to handle counter-offers. We also provide relocation assistance by providing resources to assist with housing and providing information about their new community.

Post-Hire - We stay in touch with our clients after the hire to ensure a successful outcome and assist with wrapping up any "loose ends". We are committed to making sure that every search assignment produces a successful hire and we do stand behind our work with a placement guarantee.