ProHire Confidentiality

Confidentiality Statement


In today's competitive marketplace, it can be tricky to recruit industry-experienced talent without disclosing information to the competition. Remember, those that you interview and do not hire may continue working for a competitor. For this reason, we take every precaution to vigorously protect sensitive client information throughout your entire job search. This confidentiality statement outlines our policies and procedures regarding how we collect, maintain, and disseminate candidate information.

Information Collection & Maintenance

In order to successfully identify the right candidates and attract them to your company, we must be privy to certain information that should remain confidential. For instance, we may need to ask why a position is open and why your last hire was not successful. We should also be aware of any issues that may be circulating in the industry rumor mill. Candid discussions such as these are what allow us to truly understand your needs and how to attract the necessary talent. Any such information is for the sole purpose of assisting you in search for the right candidate and not disclosed to anyone outside of our firm.

Dissemination of Information

We also understand that the search itself is sometimes confidential in nature. In the recruiting stage of our process we must at some point divulge the company name and the position that is open. However, we do not disclose this information to any candidates until we have received a copy of their resume and discussed the position in sufficient detail to ensure their interest, but not as to disclose the company. The candidate is then screened to ensure they are a match and then presented with the company name and exact position. They are instructed that this information is confidential and required not to disclose this information as well.

Our Commitment

As your talent acquisition partners, we make is our policy to never divulge any confidential information that may be leaked to your competition. Any partnership is built on mutual trust. Our commitment to protect your confidential and sensitive is unparalleled in the search and placement industry.